Migrate from Janus to Traefik

If you have running TokenD environment with Janus you may continue to use it with new services, as them are fully backward compatible. But you can migrate existing environment to Traefik.

Developer Edition (Docker Compose)

  1. Stop existing environment docker-compose down
  2. Pull changes from repository
  3. Run env docker-compose up -d

TokenD CLI (K8s cluster)

  1. Delete Janus deployment kubectl delete deployment janus -n <namespace>
  2. Delete Janus ingress resource kubectl delete ingress janus -n <namespace>
  3. Remove janus config from your env gen file
  4. Add Cop and Traefik services to your env gen file
       image: tokend/traefik-cop:1.0.0
         disabled: true
       image: traefik:v2.0
  5. Update TokenD version to 5
  6. Regenerate k8s file
  7. Apply it to your existing environment

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